Quantum Resonance Magnetic Scan


The QRM scan is an integrative diagnosis method that translates our body’s bionic data to indicate the body’s condition, whether it is in the healthy, sub-healthy or illness state. QRM scans are part of Oriental Remedies Group’s integrative therapies as a complement to our physicians traditional TCM diagnostics. The scan produces comprehensive detailed reports of different organs.

What is Quantum Resonance Magnetic (QRM) scan?

QRM scan is an integrative diagnosis method which was derived from TCM theories that our body’s internal wellbeing is being reflected as bionic data in wave-like signals to indicate our condition. It is an all-rounded, non-invasive, practical, quick, economical diagnostic test which helps patients figure out what are the areas of concerns in their body as the scan provides 35 reports on different organs.

How does QRM scan work?

QRM relies on EM (electromagnetic) waves emitted by the different organs in our human body to determine the different conditions and state of the body.

How does our clinic use the QRM scan as part of integrative therapy?

The results from the QRM scan, coupled with the traditional TCM diagnosis made by the physician would help the physician better understand the current state and condition of the patient’s body. With better understanding, the physician would then be able to come up with the best, personalised treatment options to help the patient recuperate and obtain better health.

Why try the QRM scan?

The QRM scan lets patients know whether their body is currently in Healthy, Sub-health or Illness state by providing an objective view of the inner body’s imbalances. Knowing the state of our body will allow us to take precautionary measures even before our health starts to deteriorate. This is especially so in TCM, which believes that prevention is better than cure.

What are some benefits of the QRM scan?

The QRM scan allows for an accurate diagnosis since it is derived from TCM theories to reflect our body’s internal conditions. The scan is fast and convenient since it is holistic, non-invasive and painless. Furthermore, the scan provides a personalised and detailed health report for clients to act on since it provides 35 different organ reports.