Tuina Massage

What is tuina massage and how does it work?

Tuina Massage is a traditional healing technique that is founded based on TCM principles. It requires the use of fingers, hands and elbows, to apply different techniques such as kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing. The motion helps to remove blockages along the meridians and stimulate qi and blood to promote healing.  However, unlike normal massages, Tuina targets problem areas directly to soothe a patient’s underlying blockages and imbalances. Therefore, a diagnosis by a qualified Physician is definitely required before tuina is performed.


Tuina commonly helps alleviate the below symptoms:

  • Reducing pain and soreness; effective therapy for arthritis, pain, sciatica and muscle spasms
  • Stress-related disorders like insomnia, constipation, headaches and other disorders related to digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.
  • Improves blood circulation and boost general wellness

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