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Our Partners

We want the best for our patients, especially for their health. So sometimes we turn to our partners, experts in their fields you can trust to provide some of the best support.

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Lymphology Association of Asia aims to be Asia’s centre of excellence for all aspects of lymphology research and practice. They provide us with the certification to perform lymphatic treatment safely and effectively.

yourTCM portal aims to promote TCM in Singapore to the general population, to uplift the image of TCM in Singapore and to enliven the TCM community. Here you can find the latest updates in TCM events, courses, promotions and articles.

Medical Devices

Reltec products are invented by Ph.D Noboru Horiguchi who believes that we should treat the root cause of diseases. After many years of research, he discovered that negative ions from nature is the answer!

Using the patented ion converter made from nature’s minerals, Reltec products have treated and helped to maintain the health of many people.

Asia Lymphatic

Asia Lymphatic is our lymphatic treatment equipment and training provider. They work directly with US partners to bring to our shores the highest quality, FDA registered devices and ensure certification excellence training for our therapists that is effective and safe.


The LifeCo is a unique destination for healing and detoxification, a true relaxing holiday. Their bespoke programs aim to revitalize and connect your body, mind and emotions, re-energise and balance you fully with activities such as yoga, meditation and daily walks. Enjoy The LifeCo’s soothing environment to improve your overall well-being.

The closest to Singapore is their centre on the beaitful island of Phuket. Their other centres include one in Turkey, a favourite of Super Model Kate Moss.


Oompf! Fitness is the bespoke fitness club for people who want to be ready. Ready to get more out of life. If what drives you is being fit in body and mind to live life the way you want, you’re at the right place.

At Oompf!, they call this being fit for purpose – your purpose. It’s why they design and coach bespoke customized fitness programs.

Jal Yoga is a unique Yoga, Pilates and Barre concept studio located islandwide. Jal promotes a lifestyle rather than a fitness routine or exercise believing that being active should be an integral part of one’s health and fitness regimen.

Jal Yoga is also the only studio in Singapore offering Infrared Heat Yoga and Pilates where you can practice Yoga or Pilate under the beneficial infrared rays which can reap you benefits like pain relief, weight loss, brighter skin complexion etc. Other offerings include Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Kinetic Yoga and so on!

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