Herbal Medication and Dietary Changes - Oriental Remedies Group

Every patient is different. Therefore, in TCM, the treatment approach to every patient varies. Not just in terms of their illnesses, but also because of different body constitutions, we prescribe different herbal combination and no 2 formulas are exactly the same. Here at Oriental Remedies, we go by herbal medications and dietary changes for our patient.

While herbal remedies can provide quick relief for acute conditions, herbal medications are often used to correct an individual’s underlying deficiencies and imbalances. Our different body constitutions are due to imbalances in our Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang and Dampness. Therefore herbal medications are usually comprised of herbs that help to tackle the different issues within the body, treating the root cause of the conditions. For example, 2 patients with respiratory issues will get different herbal medication due to their body constitutions. For a young adult, we might use herbs which have heat-clearing properties and target phlegm dampness, while an elderly will get a prescription that clears phlegm dampness but also has tonifying herbs to nourish her Qi and Blood.

Our certified TCM physicians go through 5-8 years of training in NTU/BUCM to fully assess, diagnose and prescribe herbal medication customised to each individual patients. Our quality herbs are sourced from Taiwan and are qualified by HSA standards. We use mostly powdered concentrates that can be mixed with water for patients’ convenience so they do not have to spend time brewing medications.

Food therapy is as important as herbal therapy. And like herbs, many commonly used ingredients in our kitchen can help aid our symptoms. Using a combination of 1 or more ingredients, our physicians will advise patients to change some dietary habits so as to improve their body constitution, treating the root cause of their condition. For example, patients with frequent urinary tract infection (UTI) can brew tea with corn silk as it is diuretic and has heat clearing properties.

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