Negative Ions Therapy


Negative Ion Therapy at Oriental Remedies Group clinics uses the Mi Energy Negative Ion Machine. The machine provides the body with a supply of negative ions or electrons that has various benefits to the human body. A few benefits include better immunity, improved blood circulation and so on.

What is Negative Ion therapy?

Negative Ion therapy/treatment is a treatment that directly provides the living body electrons, with the purpose of having the body recover its self-defence power.

How does the Mi Energy Negative Ion Machine work?

The Mi Energy Negative Ion Machine uses high frequency negative potential energy to enhance and activate the human cell membrane. Plates which serve as electrodes are placed at various parts of the body which are then connected to the main body of the machine where electrons are produced.

Why choose Negative Ion therapy?

When the machine provides the living body with electrons, apart from helping the body recover its self-defence capabilities and trying to balance the autonomic nervous system, it helps to improve the metabolism of the cells, improves immune balance and suppresses inflammation as well.

Furthermore, when the cell membrane is enhanced and activated by increasing the permeability of our cell membrane, it allows for better elimination of toxins in the cells and enhances the use of chemical energy for metabolism. The negative potential energy also helps regulate the pH of blood, increase enzymatic activities and purify the blood etc. Additionally, electrons are also an excellent source of antioxidants and can combat free radicals in our body. Therefore using our Mi Energy Negative Ion Machine will help improve the state of your body’s cells and achieve an overall boost in general wellness.


Benefits of negative ions

Negative ions have a multitude of benefits. Negative ions purify blood and improve blood circulation, they increase the oxygen capacity of red blood cells thus allowing for better oxygen absorption and blood flow in the body. Negative ions also keep cells healthy and increase cell activity, allowing waste products to be excreted from the cells efficiently. Furthermore, negative ions boost the overall immune system, balance systems and areas such as sleep and hormones.

Benefits of Negative Ions Therapy:

  1. Improves oxygenation of cells to enhance cellular vitality and function
  2. Reduce blood flow resistance within the capillaries
  3. Cellular metabolism increase and releases stress
  4. Stimulate fibroblast, connective tissue cellular activities
  5. Increase nerve regeneration and pain management
  6. Strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce the risk of injury
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