3 Must-Try Chinese New Year Steamboat Recipes with a TCM twist

Assembled with a pot of simmering hot broth and a table full of fresh delectable ingredients, steamboat, also known as hotpot (火锅) is a must-have dish at almost every reunion dinner. However, do you know that there are many ways to have this mouthwatering dish in a nutritious and healthy manner, yet not compromising on [...]

Prevent and Treat The 3-Highs With TCM | High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes

In Mandarin, the 3-Highs, otherwise known as San Gao (三高), is an umbrella term that refers to 3 commonly seen metabolic disorders known as Hypertension - high blood pressure (HBP) (高血压), Hyperlipidemia - high triglycerides (HTG) (高脂血症) and Hyperglycemia - high blood glucose (HBG) (高血糖血症). The 3-Highs are technically not TCM terms but rather the [...]
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