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Why Do I Keep Having Unexplained Miscarriages?

Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy is a deeply emotional journey for couples aiming to conceive. Unexplained miscarriages add layers of confusion and heartache, leaving many seeking answers and support. In these challenging times, it's crucial to understand the causes, signs and steps to take after a miscarriage, especially if you are looking to optimise [...]

Ease into Perimenopause With These 3 Tips

As a woman approaches her 40s, familiar patterns can start to shift. Menstrual cycles may become erratic, with periods arriving unpredictably heavy or light. Hot flashes might strike without warning, leaving her flushed and unsettled. Furthermore, those once restorative nights of sleep are frequently interrupted by insomnia, tossing and turning until dawn. If this sounds [...]
Treating Paediatric Eczema With TCM

Treating Paediatric Eczema With TCM

Various skin conditions can affect babies, toddlers, and children, but among them, eczema is the most common. As parents, you may find yourself in a dilemma when considering treatment options for your young ones. While Western medicine may be your initial choice, exploring treatments at TCM clinics in Singapore could be a valuable consideration. TCM […]

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4 Myths About Male Fertility & How TCM Helps

Bringing a child into the world is a dream cherished by many couples. However, when the path to parenthood becomes challenging, it is natural to seek answers and solutions. It is a common misconception that fertility issues are solely the woman’s concern but the truth is, male fertility plays an equally crucial role.  In this […]

5 Common Male Health Issues That Comes With Ageing

Navigating the journey of ageing is a unique and personal experience, and for many men, it comes with its set of health challenges. According to TCM, ageing is linked to the weakening of the Kidney, leading to Kidney deficiency. Kidney is known as the congenital foundation (先天之本) of our body or the innate constitution that [...]

Supporting Sports Recovery With TCM

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps' appearance at the U.S. men's 4x100 freestyle relay event with dark red cupping marks caught people's attention and sparked curiosity. It was later revealed that the U.S. athlete team had been using cupping, a Traditional Chinese treatment (TCM) modality for sports recovery[1]. Cupping is well-known for its ability [...]

What should I do after a miscarriage?

Embarking on the journey to parenthood is a profound experience filled with hopes and dreams. However, amidst the joy, some individuals face the heartbreaking reality of miscarriage - an experience more common than often acknowledged, affecting approximately 10-20% of known pregnancies.[1] Miscarriage presents itself in various forms, each with its unique challenges from threatened to [...]

Diastasis Recti – Can TCM help?

Diastasis recti is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis muscles, also known as the "abdominal muscle" or simply the "abs". Diastasis recti is very common during pregnancy or postpartum due to the stretching of the “abs” when the uterus expands during pregnancy.[1]   Symptoms of Diastasis Recti Normal abdomen (left) Diastasis Recti [...]
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Modern TCM Tips to Manage Eczema Symptoms

Living with eczema can be a relentless struggle. Luckily, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a holistic approach that aims to address not just the symptoms, but the root causes as well.  In this guide, we will delve into modern TCM tips that can help you manage eczema symptoms effectively.  If you are seeking natural alternatives […]

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