Combat Festive Overeating With This Essential TCM Guide

With the festive season just around the corner, it is once again time for gatherings with family and friends over a feast of delicacies and drinks as you catch up on each other's lives in the past year. On such occasions, the tendency to overindulge in the rich festive food typically leads to overeating which [...]

Your Healthy Christmas Feast is Served – Food Tips and Recipes

It’s that time of the year again – it’s Christmas! Christmas is a time for us to celebrate and revel with those close to us and of course, that includes a huge, delicious meal to cap off the year. Most often than not, many people use the festivities as a reason to overindulge in alcohol, […]

Coping with Psychological and Emotional Effects of Cancer on Patients and Their Families – The Mind-Body Connection

For thousands of years, traditional healing systems such as those in Chinese medicine have embraced the role of the mind in the treatment and healing of diseases. Fast forward to the last century, we are now witnessing the same paradigm shift in western medicine along with a growing body of empirical science that is in […]

Managing Mental Health Struggles With TCM Treatments and Therapies

In a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization, it was reported that the demand for mental health services increased significantly, and issues such as bereavement, isolation, unemployment and fear are triggering mental health conditions in new patients and exacerbating the symptoms in patients with pre-existing conditions. [1] In our clinics, physicians see a [...]

Top 30 Foods You Should Eat To Boost Your Fertility

Optimise your diet for better fertility In general, a myriad of reasons can affect fertility, ranging from age to other reproductive issues. While many of these factors are out of our control, one key factor that we can control is our diet and lifestyle. In a study conducted in the United States of America (USA), [...]

Eczema & Topical Steroid Withdrawal – How does TCM help?

Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions. In Singapore, the prevalence of eczema is one of the highest in the world with 1 in 10 adults known to have eczema [1]. As for eczema among children, research done locally found a higher rate of 2 in 10 children [2]. The impact of eczema [...]

So you’ve booked your first Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (ELT) appointment. What next?

First of all, congratulations! You’ve just secured your first step towards taking charge of your wellness and to help yourself #feelbetterfaster. As this is your first experience with Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (ELT) and you may not be sure what to expect, so we are here to help! Read on to find out more about lymphatic [...]

Understand and Relieve Your Back Pain with TCM

Back pain is a common health problem in the modern society Many people seek TCM treatment for pain conditions. While pain can occur in every part of the body, back pain is one of the more common issues that we see in our patients. Research has shown that approximately 15% to 30% of adults suffer […]

How TCM and Western Treatments Can Improve Sexual Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction refers to any disturbance of sexual function that prevents individuals or their partner from enjoying sexual activity and constitute conditions such as erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence (with the latter term less commonly used now), premature ejaculation, low libido, delayed orgasm/ejaculation. With the topic of sexual dysfunction remaining taboo, men find [...]

A Day in the Life of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Ang Lee Fang

- This article was originally published on Voices Wellness Physician Ang Lee Fang explains how TCM can appeal to a younger generation and how the traditional practice works in tandem with Western medicine. By Samantha Francis.   If Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brings to mind bitter herbal drinks, cupping marks, and acupuncture, you’re not alone. [...]
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