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Preparing for your first Cell Pro Therapy

Now that you have booked your first Cell Pro Therapy to #FeelBetterFaster, how can you prepare for your first session? Read to find out how Cell Pro Therapy can benefit you and what you can expect from your first Cell Pro Therapy experience.



Getting started

Firstly, you start off with a consultation with our physicians who will assess you and tailor a personalised treatment plan to target your health concerns. If your condition is suitable for Cell Pro Therapy, you will be referred to our wellness specialist, who will brief you with more details on the therapy.

Conductive plates will then be placed on your body accordingly and Mi Energy machine will begin to pump clusters of negative ions into your body through these conductive plates.

Each session is performed in private rooms with lights dimmed to ensure a most relaxing experience. Patients sometimes drift into a nap during their therapy!



Prepping for your Cell Pro Therapy :


Before the session
Eat some light snacks about 30-45 minutes before your therapy to make sure that your stomach is not empty before the session. Removal of attire is not necessary so do wear light and comfortable clothes for lying down.


During the session
Some people, not all, may feel a “buzzing” or “tingling” sensation during the session. This is usually an indicator of poor blood circulation at the area of concern, attributed by different lifestyle or dietary factors. If you are feeling uncomfortable or feel that the sensation is too intense for you, do let our attending therapists or physicians know so we can adjust your therapy accordingly.


After the session
Patients are recommended to drink more water and rest more after their therapy. As this is a mild therapy, patients can choose to resume their normal daily activities after the session.



How often should I do Cell Pro Therapy ?

One session per week is recommended for individuals looking for wellness support. Patients with chronic diseases may require more frequencies per week to help alleviate symptoms.

Remember, the frequency and duration of therapy is subjected to your body condition as well as specific health concerns, thus, the frequency and duration of therapy vary from person to person and will be advised by physicians.



Do you really need Cell Pro Therapy ?



On a daily basis, our body is only exposed to ~500 Negative ions/cc of air, which is way lower than the amount we need to help neutralise free radicals that are formed during metabolism or by exposure to environmental toxins. In addition, these free radicals surrounding us cause oxidative stress [1] on our body which can in turn damage cells, cause diseases and accelerate ageing.

Cell Pro Therapy supplied through Mi Energy would be able to help neutralise free radicals that have accumulated in our body by supplying a high density of negatively charged electrons (antioxidants) via plates (which serve as electrodes) placed at various parts of the body. Thereby helping our body achieve a better self-defence power, empowering it to function optimally and improve on our body’s ability to repair itself.


How can you tell if your body received the negative ions?

Most people can’t tell when the body is receiving negative ions. And although a person’s experience can be subjective, people who are more sensitive to external stimuli may feel a “buzzing” or “tingling” sensation at a certain body part, or feel lethargy or energised after their session. Whether or not you are a healthy individual or someone with chronic conditions, this usually means your body is responding to the influx of negative ions and is working its way to repair itself!


Tracking Progress With Heart Variability Test (HRV)
A Heart Variability Test (HRV) is often performed together with your Cell Pro Therapy to help us track and evaluate the effects of the therapy. The HRV test assesses your autonomic nervous system balance and measures your stress index and other indicators to help you and our staff understand your body better.

The autonomic nervous system regulates our heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure etc. providing signals to the brain, which then instructs the rest of the body either to stimulate or to relax different functions. If we have persistent instigators such as stress, poor sleep, unhealthy diet, dysfunctional relationships, isolation or solitude and lack of exercise, this balance may be disrupted and your fight-or-flight response can shift into overdrive.

By simply measuring the variation in time in between each heartbeat,we will be able to know how much stress your body is undergoing. And with a before and after HVR test report, you will be able to see how effective Cell Pro Therapy affects the stress index level as well as the variation in the autonomic nerve system balance map!

Essentially, the HRV test offers a noninvasive peek into your body, allowing us to track how your nervous system is reacting, not only to the environment, but also to your emotions, thoughts and feelings!



Who is suitable for Cell Pro Therapy ?

Cell Pro Therapy is suitable for most people of all ages, including newborns (subjected to physician’s diagnosis). It is therapy well-suited for healthy individuals who are looking for an effective and efficient way to boost their overall wellness as well as for patients with chronic conditions looking for a complementary natural therapy. Lasting about 20 – 30 minutes, this unique therapy is gentle, non-invasive and painless!


Contraindications for Cell Pro Therapy 

While there are many benefits to Cell Pro Therapy, patients with the following conditions are not suitable for Cell Pro Therapy :

    • Pregnancy (first 3 months)
    • Pacemaker



You’re all set for Cell Pro Therapy !

With all the negative ion knowledge in your hands, you’re all good to go for your first Cell Pro Therapy – you’ll be in good hands!

To fully maximise the benefits of Cell Pro Therapy, we recommend that you come in for weekly sessions. Do also remember that it is just as important to adopt good lifestyle habits such as eating a clean diet, getting enough sleep and regular exercise to achieve your ultimate wellness goal.

Lastly, feel free to approach any of our friendly clinic staff for assistance if you have any questions. If you need help before your appointment, please feel free to contact us at +65 8742 2163. We look forward to seeing you soon!




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