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What is Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) and how can it benefit your wellness

What are Negative Ions?

Negative Ions are negatively-charged molecules that are naturally found abundantly in nature, especially in densely forested areas, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. They are often called vitamins of the air as they exhibit antioxidant properties that benefit a person’s overall wellness.

Type of Air Negative ions/ cc
Waterfall/ Forest 10,000 ~ 20,000
Countryside 1,000 ~ 5,000
Park 400 ~ 1,000
Open-window home 500
Office 400
Road (heavy traffic) 300
Industrial area 0



Why do we need Negative Ions?

Because we are surrounded by free radicals! Free radicals are unstable atoms or molecules with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons, they are naturally formed during metabolism or by exposure to environmental toxins. In excess, free radicals cause oxidative stress [1] on the body which can damage cells, cause diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes & cancer) [2], and accelerate ageing.



Our urban lifestyle exposes us to high amounts of free radicals causing oxidative stress. This is why we need Negative Ions that exhibit antioxidant properties to neutralise free radicals and minimise the effects of oxidative stress on your body. In order to neutralise free radicals, Negative Ions donate electrons to them and bring them to a stable state. And while you can get antioxidants from your diet that also help to neutralise free radicals, chances are, you are still not getting enough.




How much negative ions do we need?


On a daily basis, we are only exposed to ~500 Negative ions/cc as most of us spend most of our time indoors working or studying. Since we are not getting enough Negative Ions (especially for patients with chronic conditions) naturally, Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) is one way to get the amount you need.



What is Cell Pro Therapy (CPT)?

Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) is a treatment that supplies large amounts of Negative Ions to our body via plates (which serve as electrodes) placed at various parts of the body.

During the therapy, a high density of negatively charged electrons is supplied to the body to help neutralise free radicals that have accumulated in our body. This helps our body achieve a better self-defence power by:

  • Promoting cellular metabolism
    (Cellular metabolism refers to the removal of wastes and absorption of essential nutrients and oxygen)
  • Improving peripheral microcirculation
  • Regulating autonomic nervous system and immune balance
  • Reducing inflammation



Who is suitable for Cell Pro Therapy (CPT)?

Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) is suitable for most people* – even healthy individuals, as a form of wellness maintenance to boost our body’s self-defence power. In addition, the therapy acts as an enhancement to other treatments that patients may be undergoing for their acute/chronic conditions. Patients with the following conditions have experienced Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) and reported great improvements in their general well-being:

  • Cancer support
  • Inflammation
  • Female health e.g. UTIs
  • Insomnia / Sleep issues
  • Fertility e.g. patients struggling with getting pregnant due to stressful lifestyles
  • Skin conditions e.g. eczema
  • Sinus
  • Mental health



How does Cell Pro Therapy work?

  1. Effects on the blood
    • Improves oxygen capacity and blood circulation

Live blood analysis comparison

    • The comparison of the live blood analysis above belongs to a patient with a high-fat diet before and after 20 minutes of Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) shows that the initial clumped-up red blood cells were dispersed after the therapy, leading to a more active blood flow.
    • Brings blood pH to optimal level (pH7.35-7.45)
    • Anions (negatively charged ions) facilitate calcium release from our cells to the bloodstream, making blood less acidic. When the blood is acidic, there is a lack of oxygen at a cellular level, providing the perfect environment for bacteria, mold and viruses to grow. Acidity also results in the production of more fat cells.[3] Whereas a slightly alkaline environment allows cells to function and stay alive.
  1. Effects on cell metabolism
    • Keeps cells healthy and increases cell activity. Cell rejuvenation is facilitated by stimulating cell metabolism through:

      1. increasing cell membrane permeability
      2. facilitating the substance exchange across cell membranes
      3. promoting oxygen absorption by the red blood cells
  1. Effects on the immune system
    • Supports the overall immune system which protects the body:

      1. enhances skin regeneration and defence
      2. strengthens the sterilisation function of second-line defence (macrophages and natural killer cells*)
      3. supplements specific defence systems (B cells and T cells)

*Natural killer cells are a type of white blood cells that plays an important role in the host rejection of tumour cells and viruses.

  1. Effects on the nervous system
    • Benefits patients with conditions affecting their sleep and hormones:

          1. Anions (negatively charged ions) regulate the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Growing evidence of data would suggest Negative Ions might improve cognitive processes [4]

        The autonomic nervous system [5]

      Illnesses are often detected only when symptoms appear or when it is reflected at the blood level, which is often a tad late. Therefore, it is crucial to start keeping our cells healthy, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

      At Oriental Remedies Group, our physicians complement TCM with Tech-Enhanced Therapies like Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) to provide patients with better results. Many of our patients with conditions like insomnia, autoimmune disease, pain and inflammation, eczema, cardiovascular disease, stress and anxiety have experienced the therapy and reported feeling better.

Hear what our patients are saying about Cell Pro Therapy (CPT)

Your healing is the most important!

At Oriental Remedies Group, most of our physicians are trained in both Biomedical Science and TCM at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and China for a minimum of 5-8 years before being certified to practice in Singapore.

If you would like to find out how you can achieve optimal wellness with TCMxTech-enhanced therapies to #BeTheBestYouCanBe , call/WhatsApp us at +65 8742 2163 for a personalised consultation with our bilingual physicians.


Note: * Cell Pro Therapy (CPT) is not suitable for individuals who have an open wound/ internal bleeding from recent surgery.



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