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So You’ve Booked Your First Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (ELT) Appointment. What Next? | Oriental Remedies

So you’ve booked your first Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (ELT) appointment. What next?

First of all, congratulations! You’ve just secured your first step towards taking charge of your wellness and to help yourself #feelbetterfaster. As this is your first experience with Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (ELT) and you may not be sure what to expect, so we are here to help! Read on to find out more about lymphatic health, how ELT can benefit you and what to expect in your first ELT session.


Why did your Physician recommend ELT to you?

Having a healthy smooth-flowing lymphatic system is an important building block to optimal wellness! Hence, ELT is recommended whether you are looking to improve your general wellness or you have a serious chronic condition. To grow strong and healthy like a big tree, a smooth lymphatic system helps you to build strong roots, to detoxify effectively and to improve your immune function. 


All You Need To Know About Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) | Oriental Remedies


What is the lymphatic system and what does it do?

The lymphatic system is a huge network of tissues and organs that help the body get rid of unwanted materials. Its main function is the transport of lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells which help the body fight infections. The lymphatic system works with the circulatory system to help the body get rid of toxins in a process more commonly known as detoxification.

Understanding Lymphatic System | Oriental Remedies


The main functions of the lymphatic system can be summarized into three big aspects:

  1. Maintain a healthy immune system to detect health issues (important for all of us in this current global situation but particularly important for patients with cancer and auto-immune conditions)
  2. Clear toxins from the body
  3. Maintain balance of body fluids by facilitating the return of fluids to the heart

Our lymphatic system is closely tied to detoxification and the maintenance of a healthy cellular environment. When there is congestion in the lymph system, cellular detox tends to decrease, leading to waste accumulation and less optimal nutritional absorption by cells. Over time, this can result in cell malnourishment and poor health. 

This phenomenon is like having a “choked or congested sink” at the cellular level. Over time, the body becomes prone to sickness as toxins accumulate and cells become less able to fight diseases.


What causes lymphatic congestion?

Lymphatic congestion occurs as a result of various reasons, including lifestyle and non-lifestyle factors such as the below:


What Causes Lymphatic Congestion? | Oriental Remedies


These factors result in poor lymphatic drainage which could lead to dire consequences like poor health, compromised immunity or even lymphedema (swelling due to excess fluids in tissues).


How does ELT help?

Electro-Lymphatic DrainageTherapy (ELT) is an FDA-approved, non-invasive technology that helps to stimulate proper flow and drainage of the Lymphatic System. It makes use of a combination of vibrational, light, and electrical waves to stimulate the lymphatic flow via the dissociation of proteins that have been trapped in the interstitium. While the surface technique is patterned after Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, ELT can promote lymphatic drainage at a deeper level and in a less amount of time. The relaxing and pain-free therapy makes it an excellent choice for individuals looking to improve their health without compromising on comfort. 


Effectiveness Of Electro-Lymphatic Therapy | Oriental Remedies


How does ELT work?

ELT machines are equipped with glass probes that contain inert gases Argon, Krypton and Xenon. The ionization of these gases produces energy and ions which penetrate the lymph system to break down protein and wastes. This process is what contributes to detoxification and helps promote lymphatic drainage at the lymph nodes. 

During the therapy, the therapist will glide the probes in line with the body’s natural lymphatic flow to promote the movement of lymph fluid towards lymph nodes for drainage. 


Electro-Lymphatic Therapy Improves Lymphatic Drainage Effectively | Oriental Remedies


The ELT machine operates at 10 levels: 0 to 9. The lower the level, the deeper the inert gases are able to penetrate, which allows congestion in deeper parts of the body to be cleared. During the first session, therapists will usually start around level 6 – 9 in order to start clearing from the more superficial levels of the lymphatic system. Once congestion is deemed to be cleared at a level, the therapist will move down to the next level in the following session. 


There are 3 ways to tell when the lymph system is congested:

  1. Resistance when the probe moves along the skin surface
  2. Lack of sound
  3. Presence of ‘detox’ smell (we let you experience this when you come!)


When one or more of the above is present, the area is deemed to be congested. The therapist will likely spend more time attempting to decongest the area, which usually coincides with the area of concern. In general, it takes about 1 – 2 sessions to move down a level, but depending on the patient’s condition and body constitution, it may take more than 20 sessions to reach level 0. As such, patients are recommended to do ELT sessions once per week to ensure continuity of progress until the lymphatic health is restored to its peak (i.e. level 0). 


ELT Treatment | Oriental Remedies


The Process

Before starting your first ELT session, you would have to undergo a consultation process with our Physicians for assessment of condition. The physician will then advise on the suitability of ELT treatment before handing you over to our friendly therapist who has been pre-briefed regarding your condition. As every patient’s concerns are different, this process will ensure that ELT is suitable for you and that you are able to reap maximum health benefits from the treatment. 

Then, your therapist will lead you to a private ELT room for a briefing on the procedure and what to expect during the treatment. As ELT requires direct contact between the electro-lymphatic probes and the skin, you will be asked to remove your clothes (except for their underwear) and jewellery (if any). Female and male patients will be served by our female and male therapists respectively. 

As the ELT treatment lasts at least 60 minutes, you are encouraged to visit the washroom before the start of therapy. As you may start experiencing thirst or the urge to go to the washroom during the session itself due to increased lymph drainage and detox, please feel free to let our therapist know if you need a pause. The ELT process is relaxing and entirely pain-free so you can even catch a nap during treatment!


What to take note of after the treatment

1. Drink Water

Immediately, the first session, some individuals may already feel lighter or experience a decrease in swelling. As your lymphatic system continues to be activated for the next 48 hours after ELT, in very rare cases, patients may experience an increase in body temperature or temporary changes in sleep patterns. These symptoms are usually due to dehydration in the body. As ELT is highly detoxifying, the first and most important thing to do after an ELT session is to hydrate. Drinking plenty of water is crucial in helping the body with its detoxification process and will reduce the chances of experiencing dehydration symptoms.


2. Debrief

After the session has ended, our therapist will brief the patient on their state of lymphatic congestion and provide possible explanations for congestion in specific areas of the body. These are usually the regions the therapist will focus on in the next session to promote decongestion and lymph drainage. Patients are encouraged to use this time to ask questions and clarify any doubts with our experienced and highly skilled therapists!


3. Book Next Appointment

Last but not least, as our ELT slots are very popular, to avoid disappointment, our therapist and front counter staff will assist patients in securing their desired slot for their next appointment.


Who can benefit from ELT?

As ELT is a gentle and non-invasive wellness therapy, it is suitable for individuals seeking to improve their general wellness. Patients with the following conditions will benefit immensely from improved lymphatic drainage:

  1. Cancer support
  2. Cardiovascular disease (including stroke and hypertension)
  3. Auto-Immune conditions – Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Lupusetc
  4. Fertility – supports reproductive health
  5. Chronic conditions – Diabetes, Chronic pain
  6. General Inflammation, Lymphedema, Edema and Water Retention
  7. Chronic infections such as Lyme, Mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr etc
  8. Reduce healing time of post-cosmetic surgery
  9. Cosmetic enhancement by fluid deposit reductions
  10. Athletes looking to decrease muscle/tendon strain and healing time
  11. Enlarged prostate
  12. General detox and cleaning


Electro-Lymphatic Therapy Improves Lymphatic Drainage Effectively | Oriental Remedies


Contraindications for ELT

While there are many benefits to ELT, patients with the following conditions are not suitable for ELT.

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Recent Organ Transplant
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Kidney Failure


Final note

Now that you’re equipped with the relevant knowledge, you’re all set for your first ELT session! 

Always remember that healthy lifestyle habits (regular exercise, clean diet, drinking plenty of water) are just as important and to come back weekly for your ELT session to fully maximize the benefits of the ELT therapy. 

Last but not least, when in doubt, feel free to approach any of our friendly clinic staff for assistance. If you need help before your appointment, please feel free to contact us at +65 8087 0486. We hope this article has helped you better understand the science and benefits of ELT and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Article by Foo Shan Ju (Oriental Remedies Group, Singapore), a registered TCM physician certified by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB).

Physician Foo Shan Ju


Physician Foo graduated from the double degree programme of Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine at NTU and was awarded the Nanyang and BUCM Scholarship for her outstanding academic achievements.

Since graduation, Physician Foo has been actively helping patients with injury/pain management, gastrointestinal issues and overall wellness. From her experiences, she has developed a strong interest in fertility, sleep disorders and pain management. Physician Foo firmly believes that every individual’s body constitution and conditions are unique and dedicates herself to crafting a treatment plan that is the most suitable for her patient.


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